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Hand Controls For Disabled Drivers


A system designed with freedom, independence, and mobility in mind.


a complete system developed to help anyone with physical challenges drive safely. It has been designed with all around freedom in mind. With the HAND CONTROLany driver can be free from:


Expensive permanent installation

Being limited to just one vehicle

Hard to adapt driving techniques

Messy installation for portable units

With the use of hand controls and other adaptive driving aids, many people can take on driving for themselves once more. 


Portability to the max: it can easily go into its small carry bag

Adaptability: it’s compatible with any automatic transmission vehicle

Quick and Easy Installation: no tools required

Safety: adjustable for driving comfort

Affordability: priced for accessibility

 literally travel with you, from vehicle to vehicle. It can be quickly installed in any automobile with an automatic transmission, no tools necessary. It can even be packed and stowed when not needed.


With low-effort steering, accurate and dependable acceleration and braking, you can now take back your independence.


Go beyond your limits. Adapt. And get on the road to freedom

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